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Dr Seuss’s My Many Colored Days(1:46 min)

A.J. Dewey Art Directed Dr. Seuss's My Many Colored Days. Working closely with the Dr. Seuss Estate and The Minnesota Orchestra throughout the process, Dewey story boarded the entire video, designed all the characters, and hand-painted all the backgrounds in gouache. Since the video was released in 1999, it has won 16 national awards and recognitions including; Top Videos for Kids - Better Homes and Garden's, Video Magic Award - Parenting Magazine, Top Videos of 1999 - Sesame Street Magazine, Best of the Year Video - Family Life, Top Kid Picks of 1999 - Working Mother, Top of the List Editors Choice for 1999 - Booklist, Gold Award - Parent's Choice, NAAPA Honors Award - National Parenting Publications, Gold Seal Award - Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Parent's Guide to Children's Media Award, Teachers Choice Award, Award of Excellence - Film Advisory Board, Certificate of Creative Excellence - International Film and Video Festival, Endorsed by Kids First, Family Approval Seal - Dove Foundation, One of the Ten Best Kids Videos - TV Guide.

"Music to the eyes..." -Lorelie Songy / Bookpage

"The talent and technology on display in this computer-animated romp is astounding, and exposure to it will only do good things for kids and their curious minds...Stock this one and it will move; kidvid this good is a rare find these days."

- B. McC. / Video Business

"Engaging and vibrant style. Beautiful to watch."

- Adult Juror Comments / Kids First

"It's creative stuff, and the whole package falls on the ear and eye every bit as liltingly as Seuss's words do. Grade:A"

- Doug Wagner / Scripps Howard News Service

"It's almost mesmerizing at times, this combination of dreamlike 3-D computer animation, otherworldly Dr. Seussian rhyme and the shifting music and colors representing a child's changeable emotions."

- Lynne Heffley / Los Angeles Times

"Dr. Seuss himself would have been proud of this adaption of his imaginative tale..."

- Catherine Applefield Olson / Billboard

"It looks like someone went most delightfully crazy with the Crayolas in this computer-animated, musical take on a wise-hearted Dr. Seuss story."

- Family Life

"...rendered with skill and imagination."

- Steven Rea / Disney Family Fun

"Kids will be dazzled by the eye-popping animation and will identify with the sentiments expressed by the child."

- Parenting

"...takes young viewers on an imaginative trip that's far and above the usual video fare"

- Oppenheim Toy Portfolio”Just So Stories”

The Moodsters(2:52 min)

One of the four creators, A.J. Dewey was the Art & Creative Director, and the Co-Animation Director for this 26-minute pilot. In addition, A.J. also designed all the characters, props and environments for this pilot.

Once Upon a Tree(1:00 min)

Working as one of three prop builders/set decorators, A.J. Dewey worked on 26-episodes of this award-winning series that was broadcast on Discovery's Animal Planet and then later on PBS. In addition to working in the Art Department, A.J. was also the assistant puppet read that right...assistant puppet wrangler.

Pippi Longstocking(conecpt)(1:33 min)

Created and directed by A.J. Dewey, this concept was to create a video series from the plays performed at the Tony-Award™ winning Children's Theater Company of Minneapolis – CTC’s Spotlight Series. This was shot on their main stage in front of a green screen - and the live-action backgrounds were dropped in afterwards.

Rudyard Kipling’s “Just So Stories”(2:52 min)

Developed and Directed by A.J. Dewey, he also designed and created all the artwork for this animated interstitial series based on Rudyard Kipling's classic stories.

Video Buddy (1:16 min)

A.J. Dewey designed the Video Buddy character, and also designed and directed all the interactive segments for the property's 18 videos. Interactive Video Buddy videos were created for the following properties:

  • Blue's Clues
  • Dino Babies
  • Muppet Babies
  • Paddington Bear
  • The Big Comfy Couch
  • Once Upon a Tree

Stranded! Stormy’s Adventures(1:16 min)

The animation for this one-hour special was co-directed and developed by A.J. Dewey. The special was under consideration by Warner Brothers - until our hero, Stormy, passed away during negotiations.

RIP Stormy!

Past Development(1:20 min)

From 1998 – 2001, A.J. Dewey co-created and launched eMotion Capture Studios and worked as its Art & Creative Director. Clients included Toon Disney, Sunkist, Tremendous Entertainment, The Minnesota Orchestra and Dr. Seuss Enterprises. This demo showcases just a few of the projects Dewey helped develop.


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